In life, your health and finances are key factors on your overall happiness in life and the legacy you will leave behind. There is a program out there that is focused on making positive differences in peoples' lives by transforming their health and finances based on a 90 day challenge.

The Company behind The Challenge is ViSalus Sciences. The Company and the ViSalus community are dedicated to combating the global obesity problem and is focused on promoting Life, Health, and Prosperity. See the EMPOWER page of this website for why we are proud to promote The Challenge and how this has changed our lives.


ViSalus Sciences has developed the Body by Vi line of products focused on providing nutrition your body needs. By simply selecting a kit to suit your 90 day challenge goal, the focus on your transformation will be on replacing 1 to 2 meals per day with a nutritional shake. The kits and products have led to many sustaining life transformations since the program is based on providing simple, effective nutrition that your body needs (including a 30-day money back guarantee). See the PRODUCTS page for more information.


The results you achieve will speak for themselves. By sharing The Challenge with others, you have the opportunity to get your product for free every month as a customer or promoter of The Challenge. People who chose to be promoters of The Challenge have been able to also transform their finances. See the PROMOTER page for more information.

Empower Yourself, start challenging yourself and others. Transformation opportunities are endless.

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